British Sport and Remedial Therapy to be Regulated

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In a first for the industry in the United Kingdom,remedial and sports therapists will be subject to regulation, come January 2019. The decision to do so was made by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the UK wide regulator in a bid to set industry standards protect the public.

At present, you cannot identify trained and skilled remedial and sportstherapists because of the absence of a countrywide regulator. The establishment of a register at the CNHC now allows athletes and trainers to choose such professionals secure in the knowledge that they have the expertise match up to national standards and qualifications.

The CNHC register was started in January, 2009. Professionals in , aromatherapy, shiatsu, massage therapy, reflexology and nutritional therapy have already been added to the register – but only those meeting the CNHC’s ‘gold standard’. The admitted professionals can now display their regsitration through a quality mark provided by the register.

Speaking at a recent CNHC conference attended by other professional bodies in the health sectors, Maggie Dunn, CEO/Registrar of the CNHC said: “This is not only an important development for the CNHC but also for the sports industry. Any sports and remedial therapist applying to the CNHC register does so in the knowledge that they have to meet specific standards. This is vital at a time when the country is preparing for the greatest sporting event in the world, the Olympics. We need to be delivering quality on every level in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics and the admission of sports and remedial therapist to the CNHC register is an important development in this process.”

Over the course of the year, the CNHC register has opened up to more disciplines and spring 2019, yoga related practices, and the Alexander technique, will also come under its perview.

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