Making It to The Bases Can Sometimes Need A Little Help

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Many people know that professional athletes wear contact lenses instead of glasses, however a few of these athletes take their contacts to the next level and use them as a statement in addition to using them to help with their sight. This statement is the use of colored contact lenses during a game.

There has been some debate for years if wearing colored contact lenses is a bad thing or a good thing when you are playing sports, with some leaning one way and some firmly believing in the other. However, whichever way you believe you can easily get your lenses colored the same as your favorite player, and sometimes if you are looking you can even get discount contact lenses so that it does not cost you anything extra.

All kinds of colors have been seen on the field over the years including green, yellow, and even red. Maybe if you try them out you will be able to see that there really are advantages to them, or maybe you will decide that these are more suited to Halloween.

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper is an American professional baseball player who has been playing professionally since 2012. Not only is he good at baseball, but he is also one of the athletes who is firmly convinced that wearing colored contact lenses is a great thing to do.

His color of choice is rose-tinted contacts, which he has been seen to wear in more than a few of his games. He does so because he says that having tinted lenses helps to reduce the amount of glare there is on the field and that it helps improve his ability to focus during the game.

Brandon Inge

While Brandon Inge no longer plays professional baseball, during the years that he did he was occasionally seen to be wearing colored contact lenses. Unlike Harper who wore red ones, Inge was known for wearing yellow ones on the field.

Whether colored or not, MLB players have the highest number of sight problems out of the top four sports, meaning that more of them are wearing contacts than you might suppose. However, for them this is no problem thanks in part to great places that make it easy to get the contact lenses you need to see properly the next time you try to hit a home run.

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