A guide to choosing soccer shoes

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Soccer is one of the sports where the gear you choose can make a big difference to the outcome on the field. The right uniform will keep you fresh and energetic for longer. The same importance applies to the shoes. Pick the right pair and see an immediate improvement to your game. Here is a basic guide to soccer footwear:

Here is an explanation of the various parts of soccer shoes:

The upper – This is the material that forms the top of the boot. Most of the time this is leather, synthetic or in some brands a mesh.

Soleplate – The soleplate is the traction plate on the bottom of the shoe/boot. There are several options for studs like soft ground, firm ground, conical for artificial and turf.

Toe box – This is the front of the boot, where you put your toes and is a point of frustration for many who have wider than normal toe boxes.

Vamp – The part of the shoe on top of the toe box.

Midfoot – The part of the shoe between the to and the heel including the arch.

Heel counter – When you wear a soccer shoe, do you feel a cup that locks your foot into place? That is the heel counter.

One consideration that most players do not take into account is the width of thier feet. The shoes you choose must fit correctly, even though some uppers will stretch over time. Soccer Garage carries shoes that will fit players with wider feet or toe boxes.


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