How to improve your performance in sports by creating abundance

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Article by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

You may be familiar with the philosophy of creating abundance in your life through a more positive mindset. Many people are now following this important teaching. Though it sounds easy in the beginning, as you go through it you will find that it does require quite a bit of mental and physical discipline.

We all grow up hearing our parents speak negative things about life in general. You may remember a few of these:

We don’t have enough money for that.

We can’t buy that toy because it’s too expensive.

There’s nothing wrong with hand-me-down clothes.

We’ll just have to eat bologna this week.

It’s easy to grow up believing that there will never be enough. What the new Creating Abundance movement does is retrain your thinking so that you believe in positive instead of negative outcomes. A great number of athletes have discovered the creating abundance movement and are now using it to improve their game. Athletes from baseball, football, basketball and other sports are now learning how important what they think truly is.

Winners always have fun. They believe they are good enough. They do not entertain negative thoughts. They are able to focus their minds to believe in obtaining excellent results. Once you learn this technique, you can use it in every area of your life. It works in business and even in your social life. You will find that you attract positive people. You attract winners. As you learn how to create abundance in the sports you play, you’ll have more fun in life.

The great Teacher Zhang Xinyue, a well known spiritual leader, was born in China. In 2012 she wrote her best-selling book Create Abundance. Her development of the Create Abundance system aims to promote a helpful and healthy approach to life’s philosophical problems. By building a unique and highly effective plan for body-mind-spirit cultivation, she has succeeded in helping tens of thousands.


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