How To Avoid Getting Sick on a Plane

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As much as anybody can get airsickness, some people are more receptive to it and are affected anytime they take a flight. Airsickness is a motion sickness induced by conflicting signals that are sent to the brain. These signals bring about nausea and lead one to stomach discomfort causing vomiting.

There are however things you can do to prevent getting sick on a plane

Enough Rest

It is important to get plenty of rest before your flight. This helps your body to be relaxed and keep the body from exhaustion and stress.

Eat well

What you eat before your flight can also affect you. Days before your flight avoid eating greasy and fatty food and prior to the trip just eat something light. Also stay hydrated.

Choose your seat carefully

Ensure to get a front seat and by the window. If they are not available then get one near the wings as the amount of motion during the flight is lower. As much as you can avoid seating at the aisle seats

Use your own Pillow and blankets

Carry and use your own blankets as the airline may not offer clean and fresh blankets.

Open and adjust your Air vent

Turn on the air vent above your head to a medium or low pressure, as this helps to bring in enough air current and keeps the germs away.

Avoid seating with a sick person

In case the person you’re seated with is sick or has nausea, request to be shifted to another seat as this could also affect you.

Maintain controlled Breathing

To manage motion sickness Take deep and slow breaths instead of normal breathing. As you do this you engage your nervous system known as the parasympathetic nervous system.This helps your muscles to relax and calm.

For the serious chronic problem, it is important to get assistance from a doctor or a trained therapist.

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