How to Minimize Asthma Attacks In Your Household

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Summary: Asthma can cause you to live in fear. Fortunately, there are ways that you can minimize the effects of asthma, resulting in a stress-free environment.

Living with asthma can be both fearful and challenging. Family members tend to worry, feel stressed, and are constantly on the lookout for anything that will exacerbate the asthmatic symptoms. However, people with asthma can make several changes in their lifestyle to make things easier for them and their loved ones. This guide will cover the most common methods that you can implement into your lifestyle to help minimize the harm asthma has caused you.

Creating an Action Plan

If you haven’t done so already, create an asthma action plan which essentially outlines all the details for a loved one to care for you if your symptoms were to suddenly appear. This should include the medications, what to do in the case of an asthma attack, and other notable details that outline everything that you would do when in that situation.

Eliminate Pet Dander
One of the most common triggers for asthma is cat dander and dog hair. Keep pets out of your home or limit where they can go, especially bedrooms, if you notice that your pet is causing your symptoms to flare up. Be sure to constantly vacuum and clean your surrounding space to help minimize the effects of the dander.

Identify “Trigger” Objects and Substances

Each person has a trigger that will cause his or her asthma symptoms to worsen or bring on an attack. It’s crucial that you identify what environmental substances are causing you to have an onset attack. Whether it be dust, pet dander, mold, air pollution, or even certain foods, you need to identify each trigger object and look to eliminate it from your household.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Cleanliness is an important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Although it is difficult to control all possible asthma triggers, cleaning the interior of your household can ultimately help. Remove carpets and replace them with tile, wood or laminate flooring if you can. This ensures that you’re place remains dust-free. Always check that the filters in your furnaces and HEPA machines are free of dirt and dust. If not, simply replace them and schedule an annual duct cleaning, which can be performed by the same people that steam carpets. If you’re planning to mop or vacuum, try and wear a mask while doing so, as dust and dander can go airborne once you run over it a few times. This can lead to an asthma attack quite quickly.

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