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One fact that most soccer players should know is that to get better or be one of the best; you need to put a lot of work into your game outside of your official practice sessions. Training at home, alone, or with your friends, is the only way to take your game to the next level. Official practice sessions are just not long enough, covering too many players to develop players. Here are three ways you can improve your game at home:


A lot of people don’t take juggling very seriously. For many, it is a trick. Although you would never get to juggle a ball in a game, when you are an expert at juggling, you will have excellent ball control. Use some variation to your juggling, by using spin, side spin, top spin, etc. The more you practice juggling, the more you can manipulate the ball to your will.


Another important skill that helps ball control is trapping. Kick the ball high up in the air and then catch the ball with the laces on top of the boot. You can do this from a standing start or kick, run, and then catch the ball. The ball should not bounce off the laces. The objective is to catch the ball and then be in a position to make another move. Don’t want to put even more wear and tear on your cleats; you can order some discount soccer cleats online.


No training at home would be complete without dribbling. Approach dribbling practice with a plan to develop in several stages. Once you get the hang of basic dribbling, move on to getting past someone. Then repeat the same process without looking at the ball. Order some extra balls for practice at home from Soccer Garage.

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